Fönsternät Svart SFI 27.1

  • VMS-725005
Svart fönsternät.
Window Net Shape: Rectangle

Window Net Color: Black

Window Net Top Width (in): 24.000 in.

Window Net Bottom Width (in): 24.000 in.

Window Net Height 1 (in): 18.000 in.

Window Net Height 2 (in): 18.000 in.

Window Net Style: Ribbon

Window Net Material: Polypropylene

Safety Rating: SFI 27.1

Quantity: Sold individually.

RaceQuip ribbon window nets are constructed from heavy-duty 1 in. premium polypropylene webbing and nylon thread to offer up maximum durability. They're jig-built to ensure consistent size, shape, and fit, and they meet or exceed SFI 27.1 rating specifications. RaceQuip SFI ribbon window nets are available in several sizes and colors to accommodate your vehicle's application needs.


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