Copper head gasket 94mm 0,040" 1,016mm

  • 10-9532-0
Copperhead Cylinder Head Gaskets help eliminate the continual problem of combustion leakage between the barrels and the cylinder head. When installed on a fresh set of heads, resurfacing of the cylinder head is never required due to the durability and temperature resistance (2300° F) of the copper alloy gaskets.

The use of Copperhead Cylinder Head Gaskets allows the engine builder to set engine deck height at zero. The thickness of the Copperhead Gaskets provides the actual piston to cylinder head clearance. Engines that have been set up to run with zero deck height produce more power because the combustion energy of first ignition is contained within the combustion chamber.

The containment of the heat and pressure of first ignition within the combustion chamber reduces the pressure shock on the walls of cast iron cylinders. This factor helps reduce cylinder cracking and splitting which is prevalent in high compression VW engines. Copperhead Cylinder Head Gaskets are available in sizes to fit 90.5mm, 92mm and 94mm barrels. You can choose from two thickness', 0.040" and 0.060".

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