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Type 3

Type 181


Outer size: 39 mm


Originalnummer:311 405 645

Wheel bearings are the most common bearings, they will have to be replaced several times in the life of a Volkswagen car.

A strange noise usually indicates the wear and tear of a bearing, which in most cases only appears during the annual inspection of the vehicle.

You can buy the wheel bearings in a set that are offered per side but it is also possible to buy the wheel bearings separately.

Many bearings consist of two parts, you should never replace them separately, only as a complete replacement. It is therefore necessary to remove the outer ring (outer bearing) from the drum or disc, for this it is not necessary to have a press, with a pusher you can beat the ring out of your drum or disc. To place the new ring, you can use the old ring.

To remove the bearings from the rear wheels, it is sometimes useful to have a bearing puller. If you don't have it on hand, you can do it yourself. Weld two threads onto the old bearing, connect them with a strip and use nuts on the threaded ends to rotate the bearing out of its housing. The old bearing is no longer usable, which is not the case with a special bearing puller.

VW nummer: 311405645

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