Stötstångsrör höglyftande 8st

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Stötstångsrör höglyftande 8st

Extra vida i ändarna för höglyftande kammar

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Type 1 engines 1300-1500-1600 cc

Type 3 engines


When fitting high lift rockers with a lift ratio of 1:25 or more, friction can occur between the push rod and the push rod protection tube. This can result in bent push rods, leaking push tubes and if you continue to drive long enough, it can even cause severe engine damage.

These high lift tubes have the standard length of a 1300, 1500 or 1600 cc motor and can be mounted using standard or machined cylinder heads. On the cylinder head side, they are 20% wider than the standard, leaving enough space so that the push rods do not touch the tubes.

Are delivered in batches of 8 pieces excluding seals, take them in addition if necessary


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