Artnr: AL63-76
Lagerstatus: 4-5 Dagars leveranstid

162 kr
Varav moms: 32,40 kr

Reducing T6063 aluminum pipe with beaded edges so that the hose does not slip off at high pressures. Our aluminum pipes are an excellent lightweight alternative to connect two hoses with different diameters! Also excellent for welding if two aluminum tubes with different diameters should be connected to each other. The surface treatment should be grinded off first before welding.

Outer diameter 1 (inch):2,5 "

Outer diameter 1 (mm):63 mm

Outer diameter 2 (inch):3 "

Outer diameter 2 (mm):76 mm

Length:100 mm

Wall thickness:2 mm

Material:Aluminium 6063

Possible to weld:Yes

Swaged ends:Yes

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