Tomgångsmotor, universal

  • WID060
Tomgångsmotor från Magneti Marelli av OEM kvalitet.
Passar de flesta eftermarknads sprut som kan styra stepper tomgångsmotorer.
Monteras mot plenum (tvåbultad fläns med o-ring)
Luft in med slang nippel 19mm
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A small electronic idle control valve allowing you to control idle air flow and idle speed.
Set-up: The windings are brought out to pins 1&4 for the 2 ends of the first winding and 2&3 for the second winding - each 55 ohms.
Polarity is best determined by trying - if it moves the wrong way EITHER swap pins 1&4 OR swap 2&3 with each other.


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