Vattenseparator Diesel

  • WS315
Vatten separator Diesel

Malpassi Fuel Filter & Water Separator (Inox) Transparent Bowl 1/8th nptf

With ultimate technology of modern engines a "clean" fuel is more than essential. Quite often you may find metal scums and condensing in it. Our prefilter/water-trap, with its large filtering surface, is able to keep impurities you may find in the fuel line from tank and discharge them - together with water if present - through the bleeder at the bottom of the bowl.

Compatible with alcoholed fuel (E85) a/o diesel

1 x INLET port, 1/8th nptf

1 x OUTLET port, 1/8th nptf

Glass bowl

Stainless steel net filter element

Bleeder for impurities/water

Anticorrosion coated

Filter Micron:- 55

Filter Material:- (Stainless Steel)

Length:- 126mm

Width:- 66mm

Weight:- 200 gms


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