Bromsluftareadapter Ford Nissan, Infinity, Mistubishi, Subaru, KIA, and Hyundai

  • MVP-1107
Designed to fit 1.98 in. diameter brake master cylinder reservoir caps only. Master Cylinder Cap is a round twist to lock cap with 3 tabs.
Passar Ford samt Nissan, mitsubishi, Subaru, KIA, Hyundai

Many Nissan, Infinity, Mistubishi, Subaru, KIA, and Hyundai models built after the late 1990s also use the Ford 1107/1117 adapter. This cap is a twist to lock cap, it will twist about 1/4 turn and the underside of the cap has three locking tabs that engage cutouts on the reservoir neck. The 1107/1117 adapter is included in the 0107/0117 kits. Please check this link to make sure the dimensions of your cap are equivalent to the 1107/1117 Adapters If your cap is not similar to the 1107/1117 then you can probably either use the European type caps or use the universal adapter 1101 that is included with kit 0101. If it is a round threaded cap with a 45mm inner diameter it can use the European 0100/0109 kits which include the 1100/1109 adapters. If it is not similar to the European or the Ford cap then you will need to use the 0101 universal Kit - also please check that the brake fluid reservoir is easily accessible and that it is not under the cowl as the 0101 requires easy access to the brake fluid reservoir. If you have any questions please call or email.
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