Acc pump cam sortiment Holley 20-12

  • hly-20-12
Sats med olika kamprofiler, perfekt för att ändra snabbheten och längden.

Sold as a kit.

Notes:Cams included: White, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green, Pink and Brown.

Holley accelerator pump cams will allow you to "tailor" accelerator pump performance to your engine's actual requirements. They include cams that have a different shape or profile to give different results. Cam "lift" directly affects the accelerator pump stroke, and, therefore, pump capacity. Ramp profile or shape controls the "timing" of the shot. A steeply-rising ramp shape will give a fast, heavy fuel shot right off idle. Conversely, a gently sloping ramp will spread the pump action over a longer period of time.


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